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As you probably know from the sidebar this site was started by moderators from the r/futurology subreddit, and some of us moderate both. We initially thought most of the site's growth would come via Reddit, but it hasn't happened that way. Our main instance - c/futurology - gets most of its subscribers from elsewhere in the fediverse. Despite several attempts with pinned posts that a few thousand people have read, only 20% of our userbase joined from Reddit.

We don't want to spam the subreddit user base, but we have access to things like pinned posts and comments to promote this site.

We'd like to grow subscriber numbers for here from Reddit. Any ideas as to how to do this more successfully than we have previously?

Also P!=NP (files.catbox.moe)
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I'm not complaining, more new games the better, and some of them are very interesting.

Also, at least some of these youtubers turned devs have tried Pathfinder and that wasn't it, so spare the "why won't they just play Pathfinder?" comments


“Today I want to offer my full support and endorsement for Kamala to be the nominee of our party this year. Democrats — it’s time to come together and beat Trump. Let’s do this,” he added.


Archived link

George Conway, the recently divorced ex-husband of former Trump advisor Kellyanne Conway, has launched a new political action committee aimed at preventing Donald Trump from returning to the White House in 2024.

The Anti-Psychopath PAC, as it's called, will work to "highlight the existential threat Donald Trump poses to democracy and remind voters of the former president's mental unfitness for office."


"The failure to treat Trump's behavior as pathological has led the media and the country, perversely, to treat it as normal," Conway said in an interview explaining the rationale behind the Anti-Psychopath PAC. "And that's a big reason why we're seeing the double standard being applied to the candidates today."

By Conway's assessment, Trump's concerning mental state and frequent bouts of erratic behavior have been brushed aside and normalized by the press and public. He hopes the new PAC can shift the narrative by rigorously scrutinizing Trump's psychology and fitness for office to the same degree as President Biden's.


Archived version

Here is the archived transcript of the J.D. Vance speech (the video link is in the article)

Sen. J.D. Vance, whom Donald Trump named as his vice presidential running mate Monday, told a group of influential young conservatives in a closed-door speech in 2021 which was published only recently that they should stand up for “nonconventional people” who speak truth, such as Infowars founder Alex Jones.

"If you listen to Rachel Maddow every night, the basic worldview that you have is that MAGA grandmas who have family dinners on Sunday and bake apple pies for their family are about to start a violent insurrection against this country,” Vance said. “But if you listen to Alex Jones every day, you would believe that a transnational financial elite controls things in our country, that they hate our society, and oh, by the way, a lot of them are probably sex perverts too.”


[JD Vance] said, “I believe the devil is real and that he works terrible things in our society. That’s a crazy conspiracy theory to a lot of very well-educated people in this country right now.”


Vance made these remarks at a September 2021 gathering of the Teneo Network, an invitation-only group of young conservatives that counts elected officials, pro athletes, financial executives and media figures among its members. Vance joined Teneo six years ago.


According to tax records, the Teneo Network’s chairman is Leonard Leo, the legal activist who built a pipeline of lawyers who interpret the Constitution based on the “original intent” of the framers or the meaning of the words in the text when they were written [...] Leo helped confirm all six conservative justices currently serving on the U.S. Supreme Court. Leo-aligned judges have pushed to restrict abortion rights and rein in the government’s power to regulate corporations.


By the time Vance spoke at Teneo’s 2021 conference, he had joined the race to fill outgoing Sen. Rob Portman’s seat. Despite his past criticisms of Trump, which included calling the former president an “idiot” and comparing him to Adolf Hitler, Vance won Trump’s endorsement in 2022 and cruised to a comfortable victory.


[Vance] said that Americans were “terrified to tell the truth” and “point out the obvious,” including that “there are real biological, cultural, religious, spiritual distinctions between men and women.” He added, “I think that’s what the whole transgender thing is about, is like fundamentally denying basic reality.”

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