But of course we all know that the big manufacturers don't do this not because they can't but because they don't want to. Planned obsolescence is still very much the name of the game, despite all the bullshit they spout about sustainability.

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Should just use Linux, tbh.

Beware the Midwest (lemmy.world)

transcriptScreenshot of github showing part of the commit message of this commit with this text:

Remove the backdoor found in 5.6.0 and 5.6.1 (CVE-2024-3094).

While the backdoor was inactive (and thus harmless) without inserting
a small trigger code into the build system when the source package was
created, it's good to remove this anyway:

  - The executable payloads were embedded as binary blobs in
    the test files. This was a blatant violation of the
    Debian Free Software Guidelines.

  - On machines that see lots bots poking at the SSH port, the backdoor
    noticeably increased CPU load, resulting in degraded user experience
    and thus overwhelmingly negative user feedback.

  - The maintainer who added the backdoor has disappeared.

  - Backdoors are bad for security.

This reverts the following without making any other changes:

The sentence "This was a blatant violation of the Debian Free Software Guidelines" is highlighted.

Below the github screenshot is a frame of the 1998 film The Big Lebowski with the meme caption "What, are you a fucking park ranger now?" from the scene where that line was spoken.

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Used a couple of US recipes recently and most of the ingredients are in cups, or spoons, not by weight. This is a nightmare to convert. Do Americans not own scales or something? What's the reason for measuring everything by volume?


Better late than never! 🥳

It runs Doom (lemm.ee)
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Here's a non-paywalled link to an article published in the Washington Post a few days ago. It's great to see this kind of thing getting some mainstream attention. Young children have not made an informed decision about whether they want their photos posted online.

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US officials said that China provided more than 70% of the $900m (£723m) in machine tools – probably used to build ballistic missiles – imported in the last quarter of 2023 by Russia.

They also said that 90% of Russia’s microelectronics imports – used to produce missiles, tanks and aircraft – came from China last year.


What are your unconventional kitchen tools/utensils you were skeptical of at first but feel you can’t live without?

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Todd produced something that's actually good‽

I've watched the first two episodes and I've really liked it so far. While FO4 as a game was OK at best (at least vanilla; Sim Settlements 2 is great fun), I've liked the art direction on it. I know the "chunky" look has been a bit… divisive, I think it looks suitably retrofuturistic and less drab than the earlier games, so it's fun that the show has really leaned into the style. The score by Ramin Djawadi is also really good, at times really reminds me of Ben Frost's and Marc Streitenfeld fucking amazing score for Raised by Wolves.

The dark humor and a somewhat quirky and sarcastic take on things is also very Fallout; it doesn't take itself too seriously, but is also surprisingly dark in many ways, and not just because it's postapocalyptic and bloody.

spoilers for first 3 epsThings like what Maximus did to whatstheirname, with the razor in the boot, and then what happened between him and Titus after the yao guai attack. It's like everybody's at least a little bit of an asshole and that there's not too many if any unambiguously "good" characters in the main cast.

Edit: did that axolotl-looking huge mutant with fingers coming out of its mouth drop loot when it died‽

All in all, it's been a really nice surprise that the show seems to have turned out well; my cynical old ass was definitely prepared for something worse, heh. How have you folks liked it?

(Oh and for the love of the gods and all that is fuzzy, please remember to use spoiler tags if you talk about plot points 😁 It's the second button on the right on the comment format bar.)

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Specifically Arch. I found a GitHub page for xbox360wirelesschatpad but the installation instructions are for Windows. I know LibUSB is available but the vjoy driver doesn't seem to be. I feel like there's probably some comparable package.

There might also be an alternative way to do this all together. There seem to be a few methods of doing this on Windows using third party applications.

I am mostly doing this for the novelty of it but I feel like it could be useful for navigating my PC from my couch or responding to messages through Steam.

It seems like this whole process is pretty plug and play with the Xbox One controller and it's chatpad but that's not what I am after.

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I've started reading Jumper by NameDoesNotMatter. I would like to formally apologise about all the harsh things I've ever spoken about that film.

Fine, the cast is unlikeable and the action scenes are just fisticuffs in the air, but my god, in comparison to the teenage dreck that is the book, it's a masterpiece. At least they tried to build a credible back story for the main character.

In the book, he literally thinks everyone is out to sexually assault him (and somehow they seem to), he solves his problems by throwing money at it, instead of any actual creativity, and the author desperately tries to portray him as a mature-for-his-age adult, despite the fact that his first reaction to anything is crying followed by petty revenge.

I'm just flicking through the pages, pausing at any plot bits, and then flicking on.


Polenko's last words were…


Okay, okay, sorry.

A tourist fell more than 170 feet to her death when she stumbled while taking a selfie from a clifftop viewing platform, the latest in a string of such incidents.

39-year-old Inessa Polenko plunged from the panoramic Gagry viewing point in Abkhazia, a breakaway region of Georgia as she tried to take a photo of herself.

Polenko, who was a beautician and a keen Instagram user, climbed over a barrier to reach the clifftop viewing point which overlooks the Black Sea. However, as she climbed over the barrier to take a selfie, Polenko stumbled and fell onto a beach below, according to eyewitnesses.

Not to be callous (I guess it's too late for that) but isn't this and the above-linked tragic incidents the very definition of "culling the herd"?


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We say very clearly that rural America is hurting. But we refuse to justify attitudes that some scholars try to underplay.

Something remarkable happened among rural whites between the 2016 and 2020 elections: According to the Pew Research Center’s validated voter study, as the rest of the country moved away from Donald Trump, rural whites lurched toward him by nine points, from 62 percent to 71 percent support. And among the 100 counties where Trump performed best in 2016, almost all of them small and rural, he got a higher percentage of the vote in 91 of them in 2020. Yet Trump’s extraordinary rural white support—the most important story in rural politics in decades—is something many scholars and commentators are reluctant to explore in an honest way.

What isn’t said enough is that rural whites are being told to blame all the wrong people for their very real problems. As we argue in the book, Hollywood liberals didn’t destroy the family farm, college professors didn’t move manufacturing jobs overseas, immigrants didn’t pour opioids into rural communities, and critical race theory didn’t close hundreds of rural hospitals. When Republican politicians and the conservative media tell rural whites to aim their anger at those targets, it’s so they won’t ask why the people they keep electing haven’t done anything to improve life in their communities.

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