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Rules (interactive)

Rule 1- All posts must be legitimate questions. All post titles must include a question.

All posts must be legitimate questions, and all post titles must include a question. Questions that are joke or trolling questions, memes, song lyrics as title, etc. are not allowed here. See Rule 6 for all exceptions.

Rule 2- Your question subject cannot be illegal or NSFW material.

Your question subject cannot be illegal or NSFW material. You will be warned first, banned second.

Rule 3- Do not seek mental, medical and professional help here.

Do not seek mental, medical and professional help here. Breaking this rule will not get you or your post removed, but it will put you at risk, and possibly in danger.

Rule 4- No self promotion or upvote-farming of any kind.

That's it.

Rule 5- No baiting or sealioning or promoting an agenda.

Questions which, instead of being of an innocuous nature, are specifically intended (based on reports and in the opinion of our crack moderation team) to bait users into ideological wars on charged political topics will be removed and the authors warned - or banned - depending on severity.

Rule 6- Regarding META posts and joke questions.

Provided it is about the community itself, you may post non-question posts using the [META] tag on your post title.

On fridays, you are allowed to post meme and troll questions, on the condition that it's in text format only, and conforms with our other rules. These posts MUST include the [NSQ Friday] tag in their title.

If you post a serious question on friday and are looking only for legitimate answers, then please include the [Serious] tag on your post. Irrelevant replies will then be removed by moderators.

Rule 7- You can't intentionally annoy, mock, or harass other members.

If you intentionally annoy, mock, harass, or discriminate against any individual member, you will be removed.

Likewise, if you are a member, sympathiser or a resemblant of a movement that is known to largely hate, mock, discriminate against, and/or want to take lives of a group of people, and you were provably vocal about your hate, then you will be banned on sight.

Rule 8- All comments should try to stay relevant to their parent content.

Rule 9- Reposts from other platforms are not allowed.

Let everyone have their own content.

Rule 10- Majority of bots aren't allowed to participate here.


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Where can one buy a food supplement with Rhamnose?


Is it lack of organization? Fear or retaliation? Are we just barely comfortable enough to consider ourselves appeased?


I don't get it. What does my mom's sexuality have to do with me? Also, why is sleeping with someone that's ~25 years older something to brag about?


300 million lbs of fireworks and 2.7 billion dollars gone in a cloud of smoke.


I'm not from the UK, but I've been trying to understand more about UK politics because of the election and I've seen headlines saying the Starmer has been pushing the Labour party to the center. What does that mean in terms of policies he's said he will push? Also, now that they have won an overwhelming majority, do you think the party will actually use this opportunity to push the UK more left?


I'm curious about the audience demographics of these videos.

I see these random videos with thousands and sometimes millions of views recommended on the trending section. These people are not famous stars of anything other than just being a regular family that decided to share their daily life on YouTube.

Sometimes they are very wealthy and I understand seeing snippets of the lavish lifestyle could be interesting to others. But most of the time these are average/medium-high income families. No mansion, no Bugatti.

Many of the trending videos have a reaction as bait ( ie. "Telling my partner I'm pregnant" etc) but when skimming through these channels most of their content is mundane stuff: "our breakfast routine", "last Friday at the park", " weekly update", etc.

What's so appealing about this? I couldn't care less but their following obviously says a lot of people do. Who watches this and why? I don't know anyone in my circles following this type of content, do you? Why would millions of people follow some random stranger online?


I've searched around and mostly seen people create custom radiator builds attached to their water supply, but that's beyond my skill level and I'm not sure if linking it directly to the water supply via piping would violate the lease or not. Are there any solutions a bit more DIY that I could take advantage of?


A couple months ago I tried to buy Ghost of Tsushima but in a drunken stupor accidentally bought Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. I didn't realize my mistake until I was like an hour into the game (again, drunk) so when I contacted Playstation trying to get a refund they told me I was ineligible for a refund due to already installing the game (even though it installs immediately after purchase).

So is there any way I can give it to someone else? It's not my type of game and I'll never play it so I'd rather see someone actually play it.


I know we now know they went extinct 66 million years ago, and 64 millions is another date I've seen around, but how long how we known it was definitely way more than 40 millions ? I'm asking because it's the date given in the the song "walk the dinosaurs" by Was (Not Was), and I wondered why such a number. Would it have seed credible at the time, or was it just arbitrary?


I’ve got a Garmin vívoactive 4 that I’ve been using almost daily for the last 3 years. Recently it’s started causing some irritations on my wrist (slight redness and dry skin). I’m assuming that it needs a really good clean but I’m not sure what’s the best. Dish soap and warm water? Or is there something better?


I get it, Biden is old and that's a problem, but why doesn't anyone seem to have a problem with the fact that Trump is almost the same age, has 34 felonies, raped at least 2 women, went to Epstein's Island 11 times, sexualized his own daughter, stole classified documents, aligned himself with Xi and Putin, and can't remember common names?

Is all of that really better than being 2½ years older than he is right now?


I'm in a rental right now with a useless landlord, so I'm trying to fix the problem myself (or at least find the cause). My home's central air AC unit is working, but doesn't seem to be working well. There is cool air coming from the vents, but its less than I would expect, and when its 80f/27c outside, its rarely more than a single degree cooler. I'm looking for ideas to track down the problem. In particular, between the landlord's neglect and the last tenant's seemingly willful destruction I expect it'll be something maintenance related.

So far I have checked:

  • The unit size relative to the property (its about 2.5 tons for a 2,500 ft² property) which the internet seemed to say was fine. That said, its a bungalow with no attic and high-cielings, so Im not sure if that could have enough effect to account for this.

  • Intakes and outlets inside the out aren't blocked by furnature (although what I can see looking into them looks pretty dirty)

  • I tried removing the furnace filter (which, from my understanding, is also used by the AC inside the house) temporarily, although didn't notice a significant difference.

  • I checked the cooling fins on the unit outside the house for obstructions, but there was little more than a bit of webs

I'm not an expert on these things at all, but is there anything else I can check or try?

Edit: unfortunately there is some condensation and frost on the coil box, so sounds like its a leak. Guess I'm looking at a fight with my landlord.


I'm mildly annoyed with clicking on a thumbnail only to be suddenly taken to a page I know/care nothing about.


Wouldn't it cut down on search queries (and thus save resources) if I could search for "this is my phrase" rather than rawdogging it as an unbound series of words, each of which seems to be pulling up results unconnected to the other words in the phrase?

There are only 2 reasons I can think of why a website's search engine lacks this incredibly basic functionality:

  1. The site wants you to spend more time there, seeing more ads and padding out their engagement stats.
  2. They're just too stupid to know that these sorts of bare-bones search engines are close to useless, or they just don't think it's worth the effort. Apathetic incompetence, basically.

Is there a sound financial or programmatic reason for running a search engine which has all the intelligence of a turnip?


EDIT: I should have been a bit more specific: I'm mainly talking about search engines within websites (rather than DDG or Google). One good example is BitTorrent sites; they rarely let you define exact phrases. Most shopping websites, even the behemoth Amazon, don't seem to respect quotation marks around phrases.


Tldr: my wife and I get into verbal fights quite often (once a month or so) I get over it in an hour and it takes her days. Both of us think that the other's timeline isn't normal. What's typical/normal?

I'm ADHD (my current therapist thinks it's AuDHD) so I'm prone to emotional deregulation and pretty crazy mood swings. I'm pretty sure my parents are somehow ND as well so I don't have the best basis. My wife is also ND, but it's audio processing not emotionally related

My wife and I get into fights and arguments sometimes over petty stuff. I feel I hear her out but it's difficult for her to listen to me straight through as I tend to take a while to get to my point. She interrupts me a lot with either snide comments or questions that if she just waited a sec I'd answer. This leads me to getting frustrated and raising my voice and yelling, which gets her pissed off and raises her voice and suddenly we're in a shouting match.

Eventually one of us gives up or realizes they're wrong and we end the fight and go to our separate (safe) areas.

After about an hour I feel I'm back to normal and can talk about other things. (We usually have something we need to do with our kids or work or the house that we need to communicate on).

My wife feels it takes her a day or two to come down from a fight so shes very short with me until that time, where I feel I can talk after an hour or so.... She feels that it's not normal to change in that short of time.

What do people think?


"You can't intentionally annoy, mock, or harass other members."

Who have I been harassing? What the hell mods?


I did an oil change. Thought the car took 4.4 quarts but it only takes 3.7 quarts. I poured in slightly under 4 quarts. The engine is a 1.5 in-line turbo (Honda Civic Si). It's reading past the fill line slightly. How bad is it? Do I need to pour some out? What am I risking? What symptoms should I be looking for?


If inciting an insurrection towards their own government is an action without legal repercussions, I don't see how the law would be less lenient about straight up firing a gun at an opponent.

I by no means want any party to resolve to violent tactics. So even though I play with the thought, I really don't want anything like it to happen. I am just curious if it's actually the case that a sitting president has now effectively a licence to kill.

What am I missing?


Forgot to mention, apps that at least has a good following and matches in Europe.


Today, before taking an Uber home, she sent me a text wanting me to be downstairs on the street to greet her as the Uber arrives. I read it and told her that yes, I'll be there. I didn't notice any further text because I was in the middle of something.

Later, I hear the door opening and went to our door to greet her, she was furious and refused to talk to me. I realized I forgot to turn my phone back from silent mode after work today. I told her that it is my bad, she still refused to talk to me. At this point, things are still normal for our relationship, she would usually become willing to talk after a while.

I usually go to sleep at 22:30 and she knows, so I thought we'd sort things out tomorrow and went to bed. I woke up in the middle of the night (later I found out it was 1a.m.) to her standing next to my bed (we sleep in separate bedrooms), and she began asking a series of pointed questions: "What would you do if you found out that I was gone?", "What would you do if the CCTV on our street is broken by chance?", "What would you tell my mother if I went missing?", "If I was actually kidnapped, would you kill the guy for me?"

You know, the usual. I thought she's just angry at me still and wanted to vent, so I went along with her for the time being: "I'd be very worried and look for you everywhere", "I'd sue the city", "I'd tell your mother exactly what happened and say I'm sorry", and "I'd kill the guy who kidnapped you".

She grumbled and asked a few follow-up questions, like "if you're planning to kill the guy, what would you do with our cat?" But at this point, I think she's finding it difficult to stay angry at me. I tell her again that I'm sorry I missed her text, and that next time this happens, she should just call me to make sure I see her text, but she left soon after without acknowledging my apology.

I know I'm in the wrong for missing her text. Not trying to argue otherwise. My question is, am I really responsible if someone kidnaps her between getting off the Uber and getting into our apartment complex? Is she trying to guilt trip me into thinking her anger is justified or am I really a horrible, kidnap-facilitating bad person for missing a few texts?

Edit for context: we live in a pretty safe city that ranks top 10 in the world on low crime rate. Also, thank you all for educating me on what gaslighting actually means. It was 2 in the morning when I posted this, I did not have the energy to find the answer myself.


What happens to the election if Biden dies before it?

  • With considerable time til the election
  • Not enough time to change the election

Assuming Biden wins on election day, what is the procedure at various stages throughout the election if Biden dies?

  • After election day but before votes are counted
  • Votes counted but not certified by Congress
  • Certified but not inaugurated
  • Any other stages I've missed

I have set my new name everywhere I can in the AppleID settings but the old name is still showing up in this place, and maybe in other places which I haven't seen yet. But how can I get my chosen name to show up here?

(for clarity, this is the profile picture selection on iPadOS)

Solution: The solution for me was that I had to change my name in the contacts.

More comprehensive solution here

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