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The fix doesn't help much for already affected systems, as they're even unable to boot. Only workaround is to manually delete the files in safe mode for every system one by one, which is even more difficult if it's bitlocker protected.

Absolutely crazy that they managed to screw up this bad.

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Oh, that's crazy. I guess it's more about the cost/risk of upgrading their core systems rather than the language itself.

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Where is COBOL being used still?

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Source WSJ article without paywall:

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They seem to be experimenting with that for sure, but need to ensure quality of the model doesn't degrade, as per source article:

Anthropic’s chief scientist, Jared Kaplan, said some types of synthetic data can be helpful. Anthropic said it used “data we generate internally” to inform its latest versions of its Claude models. OpenAI also is exploring synthetic data generation, the spokeswoman said.

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Probably those who distrust technology companies in general I'd guess.

Here's the original link of the study:

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Only a trace amount in the air. Water is the best source but energy intensive to extract.

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As requested, we've added the old reddit UI.
It can be accessed here: https://old.futurology.today

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Apart from Dokku, there's coolify and caprover.

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This seems to be the conversation logs being used for training Bard, without the bits pulled from Gmail etc. (if we're to believe the bard workspace TOS). I believe OpenAI does it too, for improving chatgpt, unless you've an enterprise subscription.

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