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Not entirely sure if this fits the futurology theme, but I thought people here might be interested. Anyone know of a more appropriate community to post this in?

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Smashes, he says, smashes! Have a smashing good day chap. Pip pip!

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battery storage? how long do they last until they loose most capacity.

A lake pump system would make much more sense to store energy. Pump up water into a higher lake when theres too much energy and get it back with turbines, when you need energy.

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Pumped hydro doesn't work in flat places. Pumped hydro makes up like 90% of current grid storage though.

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About 10 years until they're down to 80% capacity

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LFP? Not even. Lots of LFP aren't seeing even a 10% drop on 6000 cycles, which should be 20 years in normal use. Maybe really bad B-grade would be 20%.

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Pumps a very inefficient

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