No, never. TIL about Yuri's night. Maybe I'll try and plan something for next year!


Ah, so the problem is with how some sites configure (or fail to configure) their metadata, rather than a problem with Lemmy?


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In a 26 March update, ESA announced that after the very first two mirrors were warmed by just 34 degrees, Euclid’s sight was restored, with the telescope’s optics achieving a 15% gain in sensitivity. The process only took a few minutes, with the mirror being warmed from -147 to -113 degrees. The procedure was so successful that it has given operators the confidence to repeat it every couple of months, if necessary, without much impact on Euclid’s six-year survey.

“We expect ice to cloud the VIS instrument’s vision again in the future,” explained Reiko Nakajima, Euclid VIS instrument scientist. “But it will be simple to repeat this selective decontamination procedure every six to twelve months and with very little cost to science observations or the rest of the mission.”

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I assume that it somehow scrapes the page for some sort of header text, but this doesn't seem to always work.

For example, titles are suggested for articles, but not for articles. What differences result in suggested titles for one but not the other?


I recently got a second RS3M 2021, and discovered that my original one was in fact not an RS3M 2021 at all.

Any tips for identifying what I have?

It's MoYu brand, magnetic (but not maglev), very light, with a shiny surface finish.

End of webcast coverage.

Center booster MECO, stage separation, stage 2 ignition, and fairing separation!

Side booster separation!

This thread is no longer being updated, and has been replaced by: [Take 2] ULA NROL-70 launch thread! (final launch of Delta IV Heavy)

Thanks for your comment! Not sure how I missed it.

I did some experimentation and came to similar conclusions. I've upgraded to 5.7 and can confirm that this bug is fixed. Thanks again for your comment!

into to who runs in and see

Um, are you all right?

Not a community I'm personally interested in, but I love seeing more niche communities on Lemmy and am happy to hear that Reddit moderators are continuing the exodus. Thank you and good luck!

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