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This is a nicely animated video about some possible causes of the death of the Dinosaurs.

Two main theories are discussed: Meteorites killing all forms of life on Earth, and a huge zone of volcanic activity in the area of the indian subcontinent at this time.

I can't say much about the questions if the theories are true or false. I'd like the graphics in the video and the presentation.

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This thread is for a open discussion of the named question.

Do you believe that miningoperation on asteroids are possible? Or not? Why?

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But fighting corruption is not a goal I'm ready to pay any prize for.

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Do you think the human brain operate on a similiar base?

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To make some criticism: The first point seems to be true. But the reasoning doesn't work. TV or radio doesn't have the potential to do this. The second is merely a open question. The fourth point has not yet occurred. You compare a predicition with another! The fifth point is vaguely reminiscent of political correctness, but the web is precisely the place where the opposite also takes place.

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I'm a bit pessimistic about that point. It seems that the main reason why the Internet was less regulated than, lets say, the TV market was the lack of awareness of the old authorities and policymakers. At the latest with the victory of Donald Trump, things have changed. Now the ruling class is beginning to believe in the world-changing power of the flow of (mis)information on the Internet.

Its important to note that it doesn't matter how you think about this changes in terms of ethics or politics. The mayor event was the change of mind in regards to the internet as such. Before, the internet was seen as something new, yet not understond and/or a place were young people does childish pranks. The innocence is over, at least in their eyes.Unimportant is the question whether you believe the the world-changing power of the internet yourself. Maybe, the idea is even false and the internet isn't that important. But you have the regulation of it on the political agenda. It takes years to come to a better knowleade. Sometimes, even ages.

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I wonder how long this ruling will hold if the EU commision comes around with their own chat control. Before somebody write it: I know that the EU and the Human Rights Court are different institution and doesn't have much to do with each another.

The Russian state has already left the European agreement, which was the frame in which the court works.

At least, it should be interesting to check the judgment out. Some aspects are really interesting. As it seems, the european court may development a ruling like Bernstein v. United States. That could be interesting since the european continent lackes such a regulation as far as I know.

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Before I start to reading the article: Why not start by NPCs in MMORPGs?

At least, it could nobody be harmed.

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Great piece of art.

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Does anyone has an idea what happend to the "Anonymous Remailer".

Some years ago, there was an active scene of remailers in order to post anonym into the UseNet or send mails without a sender.

As far as I know, there have even been technical solutions to problems like finding out whether someone is writing something based on traffic. I remember that there were even concepts for a kind of mailing list that worked in principle while respecting privacy.

Has this been developed further?

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Thank you for this comment.

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We come in the situation that communities like this one here become more and more important since nobody can stop the SEO.

Friendly users will help you with usefull links. I know, many people has made bad experience with internet trolls or just echo chamber but his wasn't the case anytime.

We are in a kind of "new usenet".

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Meta-Data is a good wordplay here, even if not intended and the correct wording...

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From the Article: "The physician-patient conversation is a cornerstone of medicine, in which skilled and intentional communication drives diagnosis, management, empathy and trust. AI systems capable of such diagnostic dialogues could increase availability, accessibility, quality and consistency of care by being useful conversational partners to clinicians and patients alike"

What do you say? Do you think its even possble? Could it rise privacy problems?

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What do you think about the new EU AI Act?

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Search engine like yacy. Open scource and p2p.

The biology of aging (www.nature.com)
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I make a citation of the article. QUOTE: "But a new study1 that tracks proteins suggests that these changes aren’t uniform: an individual’s organs can age at different rates, and a given organ can age at a faster rate in one person than in another with the same chronological age." ENDQUOTE

What do you think about this? Do you believe the may solved this problem with the pattern recognition of AI?

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