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It depends on the kind of bacteria, too. Just like with your gut, having a healthy skin biome is important. Not just for odours but also for various skin conditions and infections. Having a healthy skin biome can be the difference between an infection taking hold and giving a nasty sore or dying off due to too much competition (or maybe even predation) without you noticing anything.

Part of it is cleaning the textiles that come in contact with your skin. Especially towels, though clothes and bedsheets are also important. Towels are important to clean properly because their whole job includes absorbing water. Always hang them so that they can dry properly. But even with that, the frequency of them getting wet means bacteria or fungus can start to thrive over time. You can smell it when this happens, it's one of the nasty BO smells. Let those get established on your towels and they'll transfer that life to your hands or body whenever you use them. I use bleach with my loads of towels/washcloths (which also means they'll go longer before they do start to stink, too).

I've come to believe that for those who often stink but do shower regularly that it might actually be their laundry practices causing the odours. Maybe there's some piece of clothing they don't wash regularly, like a coat or backpack, that is carrying the stink. Or maybe they aren't washing their clothes effectively. A little bit of bleach once in a while can help with that, too. You don't need much bleach to sanitize things and most clothing won't fall apart or lose colour from one exposure. Air drying in direct sunlight could also help with that, since UV light can also sanitize. Also, don't leave your clothes in the washer for a while before drying them. You're sometimes better off not washing them at all than doing that.

And another reason why towels are important to maintain properly is that soap can mess with your skin's pH and make it more difficult for the healthy bacteria to survive. And using hand sanitizer is just blasting away the good and bad so that whatever is the most aggressive ends up taking its place (hence the higher potential for infections). If you blast all the competition away and then rub a towel full of bacteria on your skin right after, you shouldn't be surprised to discover you stink a short while later.

There's pre- and pro-biotic soap and lotions that can help support and replace healthy skin biomes.

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It was good at the time because it was an improvement from the feudal system that basically said the king owns everything and allows subordinates to manage things for him with more layers down to serfs who were bound to the land they lived on. The people benefited because initially ownership spread out and different owners would compete with each other to attract workers or renters.

At this point, the issue is that things are getting consolidated and looking more and more like the feudal system, only with corporations at the top owning most assets instead of kings (which also creates a layer of indirection obscuring the true owners behind the corporations, other than some of the more attention seeking ones like Musk, Gates, or Bezos).

The exploitation of the colonized people and stealing their resources acted as a multiplier to this. Supply increased, so prices decreased for demand to meet the new supply.

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I think there's enough food examples of games that waited and were successful and games that didn't wait and did poorly that releasing the game before it's ready isn't a great way to recover funds.

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Imports from Taiwan, eh? Sounds like China just admitted that Taiwan is independent to me.

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I see no reason to believe any of the earlier generations were any better. It's not really a generational thing anyways. It's a class thing.

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I don't even have a gas range but still hate the microwave mounted over top the stove. If I'm boiling water, it doesn't matter if the range fan is on, it's condensing on the microwave's surfaces. And I don't burn things on the stove often, but if I do it would be nice to vent that outside, like the whole point of a fucking range fan is you stupid fucking cheap developers.

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Won't anyone think of the cutoff jeans industry!?

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In the last one, he still had fear of consequences tempering his actions. If he gets in again, his fear of consequences will be from losing power, not what acts he commits to secure it or siphon benefits from.

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Though ironically, they do appreciate one of the "evils" pushed by the biblical serpent: "seeking and valuing knowledge", which is considered the original sin (as opposed to, say, the first murder, which happened not long after).

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I mean, the earliest corporations were colonial expeditions, so it would depend on your definition of "benefit to society" to say if that was really a good thing.

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I love mixing technology with nudity. But I have also avoided this problem because I don't mix technology and Apple.

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Or use the dryer on low.

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